Trique 1953-56 Ford F100 Altman Easy Hood Latch

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Trique Manufacturing took their Altman Easy Latch system and made it fit in the radiator support of your 1953-56 Ford F-100. Now you can close your hood gently and securely using the Altman Latch. Their Altman Easy Hood Latch is a complete bolt-on kit with no permanent modifications needed. All of the parts are zinc plated and can be painted to match your radiator support or just leave them like they are for a rust free application.

Kit includes:

  • 1 ­ Latch installation plate
  • 1 ­ Altman Easy Hood Latch
  • 1 ­ Hood striker assembly
  • 1 ­ Safety delete plate
  • 6 ­ ¼­20 X ½” Button head bolts
  • 2 ­ ¼­20 X ¾” Button head bolts
  • 8 ­ ¼” Nylon locking nuts


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